[Bread on the Head]

April 2nd - 14th



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  • 141-18 (left): Bread seller on the local market, Hanoi.
  • 141-19: Our first experience with Hanoi. Cucumber seller at a street near the hotel.
  • 142-14: Man w. huge flower on bike. Near Mausoleum, Hanoi.
  • 142-17: Schoolgirls on their way to/from school. Near Mausoleum, Hanoi.
  • 143-23: Our first view of Lac in Mai Chau valley. We spent three nights in one of these huts.
  • 145-18: Robust brigde over quiet water. Mai Chau Valley.
  • 145-21: Troubled brigde over deep water. Mai Chau Valley.
  • 149-30: The snake before we ate - and drank - it.
  • 150-30: Open hair cut.

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For more information on the tour (in Danish) see Region Rejser.

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